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Elevate Your Smile
with Same-Day Restorations

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Smile Solutions Redefined
with CEREC® Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown, also known as a tooth cap, is a protective and reinforcing solution for a compromised tooth unsuitable for restoration using fillings, inlays, or onlays. After a root canal procedure, a dental crown becomes essential due to the heightened vulnerability of the tooth following the removal of infected dental pulp, reducing the risk of fractures. Dental crowns can also enhance the appearance of teeth that are discolored, misshapen, or misaligned. On the other hand, a dental bridge effectively fills the void left by a missing tooth, supported by crowns on either side to prevent neighboring teeth from shifting and maintaining overall dental functionality.

Embracing advancements like CEREC technology, you now have innovative alternatives to traditional crowns and bridges for concerns such as missing, chipped, broken, or misshapen teeth. CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, exemplifies our commitment at River Oaks Dental in Yuba City, CA, to cutting-edge technologies that elevate patient experiences and achieve exceptional results. Dr. Alex Farr and our adept team possess extensive expertise in cosmetic dentistry, equipped with specialized training in crafting tailor-made, premium-quality ceramic dental bridges and crowns using CEREC technology. Focusing on delivering both form and function, we take pride in offering advanced solutions that redefine smiles.

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Advantages of
CEREC Crowns and Bridges

  • Eliminates the need for messy impressions and temporary crowns
  • Preserves more of existing tooth structure
  • Reduces post-procedural sensitivity
  • Restores tooth with strong and biocompatible ceramic
  • Provides natural-looking appearance
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Two Steps to a Perfect Smile

Conventional crowns and bridges typically involve a two-step process, necessitating two separate visits to the dental clinic. In the initial appointment, the targeted area is anesthetized for a single tooth or multiple teeth before gentle reshaping occurs on the top and sides to create ample space for the upcoming crown(s). The removal of any tooth decay is performed, and the tooth structure is carefully restored to provide optimal support for the crown(s).

A traditional technique involves using a somewhat cumbersome and sometimes uncomfortable dental putty. This substance takes approximately five minutes to set and is utilized to obtain an impression. This critical step ensures the precise fit of both your temporary and permanent dental crowns, ensuring a comfortable bite and enhancing the aesthetics of your smile. After this initial phase, a temporary crown is positioned, allowing you to continue your daily activities until your next visit. This follow-up visit is scheduled after the dental lab completes the fabrication of your permanent crown, which generally spans 10–14 days. Typically, minor adjustments, such as occlusal fine-tuning, are made to the final crown to ensure an optimal fit and function.

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Streamlining Your
Tooth Crown Process

Experience the revolutionary advantages of receiving a CEREC restoration at River Oaks Dental, which effectively eradicates the drawbacks of conventional dental bridges and crowns. Beyond mitigating traditional challenges, this advanced approach elevates unprecedented precision, quality assurance, design adaptability, and patient convenience. Dr. Farr harnesses cutting-edge 3D imaging software to craft a digital impression meticulously and intricately map your dental landscape.

Subsequently, this comprehensive impression is seamlessly integrated into our CEREC technology, which masterfully devises a bespoke restoration blueprint. Your tailored plan seamlessly transitions to our in-house milling machine, where your restoration takes form before your eyes. As you wait, witnessing the process unfold, the milling stage concludes. To ensure optimal strength and aesthetics, the all-ceramic zirconium oxide CEREC restorations undergo meticulous sintering and glazing procedures before their seamless placement.

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Investing in a Lifetime of Smiles

CEREC crowns and bridges in Yuba City, CA, offer same-day convenience and stand as a durable investment that can endure for decades or even a lifetime, given proper oral hygiene, routine dental checkups, and professional cleanings. The enduring value justifies the initial undertaking. The financial aspect varies, influenced by factors such as the materials utilized and the extent of teeth restoration required.

The potential for partial coverage from dental insurance enhances the feasibility of CEREC crowns, contingent upon the particulars of your policy. Our dedicated front office team will contact your insurance provider, diligently ascertaining your coverage details and potential out-of-pocket expenses. To further enhance affordability, we collaborate with reputable third-party financing entities, ensuring this innovative dentistry procedure is within your financial reach. Your path to a lasting and remarkable smile is made even more accessible through our commitment to personalized care and financial convenience.